Welcome To The True Story Of The US Navy's Designated Scapegoat.

Each of the people listed below played a part in the destruction of the career of an innocent enlisted man, as well as participated in the cover up to protect the officers involved. In essence, the career of an enlisted man was sacrificed so a guilty officer would not have to pay the price for his offense.

Check back soon, as we slowly reveal what part each had to play in this amazing but true saga, and the identity of the officer they were protecting. I will add an additional letter to the last name of each over a period of time.

Note to those listed below: Here is your chance to tell the truth. Do the right thing. Come clean. Help the "Designated Scapegoat" regain some of what you helped steal from him.

My conscience is clear. Always do the right thing, even if they punish you for it.

Dramatis personae:

Captain Evan C:

Knew the truth, but took the easy way out and did nothing, allowing his officers to commit what amounts to a crime. His officers lied, falsified documentation, destroyed evidence, and intimidated witnesses. By turning his back on the truth, he is as guilty as they are.


Keith K:
NCIS Criminal Investigator

Ignored the rights of the accused, made false statements to the investigative hearing officer. Refused to allow the accused the presence of an attorney during his initial questioning, despite objections of the accused.

Keith K

LCDR Jonathan W., Legal Department:
"No justice for the enlisted."

His department ignored the rights of the accused (8 violations, several repeated more than once,) tried to keep witnesses for the defense from testifying, destroyed paperwork and tapes of the trials, and failed to properly submit documentation to the proper record-keeping departments of the Navy. His department also refused to supply the accused's attorney with legally requested information and paperwork. In essence, once they had received the results they wanted (maximum convictions, minimum non-convictions) he and his department tried to prevent the truth of their own failings from coming out. His department's only concern was in how the department looked on paper, the rights of the accused be dammed.
Amazingly, this man is now instructing others in how to do the job he did so poorly.
More: His department withheld a positive evaluation from the accused's record. This positive eval was written well after the "alleged" offense, and was signed by his then current Department Head, CDR Scott B. (Note: This eval is a different one than the one discussed under CDR Jean S., below)
They (legal department) also held onto the accused's service record for over six months, refusing the accused his right to view it or personnel department from accessing it to update necessary paperwork.

Photo and full details coming soon!

Lt. Edward O'B., Legal Department:
"Conviction at any cost."

Failed to follow the proper rules of conduct in the course of a trial, interfered with the course of the investigation, and followed the lead of LCDR Jonathan W.

Photo and full details coming soon!

Lt. Eva L:

Trial officer. Ignored the evidence and testimony of the witnesses for the accused, as well as the testimony and evidence presented by the accused. Violated the rights of the accused to face his accusers, and denied the accused the right to properly question the witnesses for the prosecution. Followed her orders to convict regardless of the facts. Negligent in fulfilling the lawful role she was assigned assigned opting instead to produce the results her superiors requested.

Photo and full details coming soon!

CDR Scott B., Department Head:
"Mr. Naive."

Ignored the facts in front of him, refused to see that his officers were lying. Ignored anything that didn't agree with his world view. His officers easily manipulated him and concealed the truth from him. All charges against the enlisted man were delayed until the very day he had safely transferred off the ship. (See the section on Ltjg. Jonathon C. for more details.)

CDR Scott Be.

CDR Jean S., Department Head:
"Formerly in charge of a Legal Department, should have known better."

Signed a falsified evaluation on the accused. This falsified evaluation was used against the accused in his discharge hearing as a character assassination attempt. (Note: the discharge hearing was postponed two weeks during which this evaluation was produced, replacing an existing but favorable signed evaluation covering the exact same time period.) She also tried to have the accused sign a paper stating he had failed the Physical Readiness Test three times (a reason itself for discharge from the Navy) when in fact he had failed only one test, and that test was done shortly after the accused had surgery. The accused had been granted a waiver from the medical department, yet this fact was ignored. The accused flatly refused to sign the document and was threatened with courts-martial for refusing to sign it. In addition, the accused was informed they would use his medical waiver as a reason to kick him out of the Navy if all else failed.

Photo and full details coming soon!

Ltjg. Jonathon C:
Mr. Profanity.

The man who started it all because his ego got bruised. The accused enlisted was praised publicly by CDR Scott B. for doing Ltjg Jonathon C.'s job for him, so he sought revenge against the accused and made false accusations. Jonathan C. is the man who originally gave the accused the orders he was convicted for following. Jonathan C. later lied under oath and in a statement, denying he ever gave the orders, despite several witnesses stating otherwise.

Photo and full details coming soon!

Lt. Charles C:
Liar, Liar, Pants on fire! The worst of the bunch!

Lied. Under oath. On three separate occasions. Made false statements to NCIS. Tried to intimidate witnesses by telling them "it would not be a good idea for you to testify for..." the accused. Told the accused he would destroy the careers of his friends if they testified on his behalf. Drinking buddy for Jonathon C. His main concern was feeding his own over inflated ego and tried to elevate his role in an attempt to earn brownie points with his chain of command, because Scott B. had him pigeonholed where he could do the least harm prior to Scott B. transferring off the ship.

Lt. Charles C.

Chief Sam L:

Has 30 pieces of silver coming his way for duties performed. Hid behind his Bible. Kicked the man while he was down.

Photo and full details coming soon!

Some interesting facts:

The accused was the lead petty officer of the computer repair division. He was charged with possessing certain illegal files on his computer, when in fact he had been ordered by Jonathan C. to track and keep records of these type files on all computers coming thru his shop for repair. In essence, he was following what seemed to be perfectly reasonable orders, and lost his career when the officer who gave him those orders had his ego bruised for not being competent enough to do his job, and having to rely upon the accused to do his job for him.

Despite the accusations, the ship's legal department waited six months to file charges against the accused. by this time, Jonathon C had long since transferred off the ship, as did the soon to be named officer who was caught with illegal photos on his computer. The ship's legal department waited until the very day the department head, Scott B, transferred off the ship to file charges. Was this because they knew the truth, and that Scott B. was in line to make captain?

Interestingly, the very statements the accusers made to NCIS and submitted at the investigative hearing clearly shows discrepancies proving the accusers were lying. One fact: One (enlisted) witness for the prosecution stated that the contents of certain files on the accused's computer caused him to bring them to the attention of his chain of command, yet that very chain of command stated the contents of those files were password protected and NCIS was responsible for breaking the password. If this is true, then how was the witness able to view the contents of those files to begin with, to be able to bring them to the attention of the chain of command? The answer: The chain of command (Jonathan C.) knew the password and the contents of those files, and set up the witness to make it seem like he made the discovery. In this sense, the witness was used too.

Since this story started, some of the above people have advanced in rank, some are no longer in the military. In any case, they are still responsible for their actions.

More to follow! Check back soon, and often!

Note: If this page abruptly disappears, it will be because of an illegal action on the part of the Navy. Rest assured, it will not be gone long.

May 25th of this year marks what would have been 26 years of faithful service on active duty. Serving my country, serving in the Navy, was the second most important thing to me. The most important is my family. It is for them that I am bringing out the truth of what happened.
I have always taught my children that they, and only they, are responsible for their actions. Further, I have taught them to always stand up for themselves and for what is right. I find I must practice what I preach, so I am standing up for what is right. That is the reason I have decided to publish this page.

It is the right thing to do.

Note to the people listed above: Don't like what you see? Tough. You made your bed, now lay in it. Want to have me remove your part from the page? Come forward and tell the truth; do the right thing. Want to sue me? Go ahead. I'll be happy to file a counter-suit for emotional distress, loss of income, etc. Some of the above people are going to be sued by me anyway. Think you can have my computer taken away from me and that the truth will be hidden that way? Think again. Full copies of all paperwork and other evidence are safely stored in multiple alternative secret locations. Wanna put me in jail on some bogus charge? Fine. An Internet dead-man switch on a computer in another country will cause a program to mail out full details (including scans of documents, photographs, and video) of the story to over three hundred newspapers, TV and radio stations, as well as the e-mail address of every congressman and senator in the US if I don't do a certain action within a certain amount of time to reset the clock (better hope I don't die in some accident somewhere.) Note: This is not a threat, nor is there any information that qualifies as being "classified". This is to protect myself and my family from harm, and to insure the truth doesn't disappear the way evidence did on the ship. I've had a long time to think about this, and my telling my story in this way is legal. It is not libel; it is not slander; it is the truth - no matter how painful it is to you.
Your best bet is to come forward and tell the truth. It's coming out anyway.
Full details of any lawsuits, paperwork, etc. will be happily posted here for all to see. Several attempts to search my property without a warrant have already been attempted, and caught on tape. That will be posted too.

Special thanks to my fellow enlisted who risked their careers to tell the truth. I hope these people didn't cause you any harm. Rest assured, should they try, I will be happy to post your story here, too, and help you see that justice is done.


My conscience is clear.
Always do the right thing,
even if they punish you for it.

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